Actors, Role Play and Exercise Design.

Role Play Real Scenarios.

Role play is instrumental in understanding and coaching an individual’s situational reaction and is therefore effective for both assessment and development.

Unlike a formal interview in which candidates have reflected on their experience, role play requires quick thinking, original thought and unrehearsed responses.

Role play removes fictionality and creates an authentic experience in which candidates must adapt in real time. This not only assesses their innate talents, but also highlights personality traits of an individual, their ability to cope with stress, and ways in which they can improve.

As an assessment task, role play offers a unique insight into an individual and their capabilities. Without situational role play, candidates may not be able to showcase their full suite of strengths. Similarly, role play presents development opportunities, giving individuals the chance to practise skills such as in presenting, customer relations or negotiating, with an experienced actor. Our bank of professional actors are skilled in giving feedback, and offer it in a helpful, sensitive and direct way, giving individuals instant advice.

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Actors with Authenticity.

Psychonnaissance work with a range of experienced actors, with backgrounds such as business, law, and stage acting. We source the ideal actor(s) for role play exercises, matching briefs for age and gender, for example, suited to a variety of scenarios and roles.

Due to wider experience in the field, consistency in role and proven ability, our professional actors can adlib scenarios and create realistic role plays reflecting real life. Through simulating real-life scenarios, assessors gain an accurate depiction of the individual and their responses.

Effective Exercise Design.

A full suite of exercises are typically used in assessment centres, providing insights into candidates’ communication skills, approaches, and problem solving ability. Requiring constant attention and expert design, assessment exercises benefit from professional involvement, overseeing design and implementation to ensure value.

From analysis exercises to stakeholder and staff engagement interactions, our talented team at Psychonnaissance can design a range of exercises. If you have a particular goal or skill you would like to target, we can design bespoke exercises tailored to you.

Exercise Design with Psychonnaissance.

For assessment exercises that work, and actors with experience, contact Psychonnaissance.

We source skilled actors from a variety of professional backgrounds suited to any number of roles to ensure individuals get the most out of role play. From challenging assessment scenarios to helpful development feedback, our trusted actors provide instrumental advice and tested experience.

Psychonnaissance facilitates exercise design of role play, written analysis, stakeholder and staff engagement interactions, group discussions and presentations. Our experienced team have a wealth of knowledge to help employers get the most out of their exercises. We ensure engagement, learning and reflection, through proven techniques and robust exercise design.

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