Team Profiling.

Effective teamwork.

Effective teamwork relies on many factors, none more important than good relationship management. Using evidence-based insights and 360 degree feedback, Psychonnaissance profile teams, detect patterns of available talent, and make recommendations for improving working practices.

Poor communication, delegation, and understanding can leave team members dissatisfied and uncooperative. Without knowing individual strengths and weaknesses, team members may struggle to complete work efficiently and maintain good relationships. Team profiling mitigates prevailing issues and addresses improvement through recognising and utilising skills or attributes within a team.

Profiling teams provides useful insights into individuals and their relationship management as part of a team, recognising roles, engagement and unique qualities. Once individual strengths are identified, members can adapt their approaches to ensure qualities work together cohesively.

Benefits of Team Profiling

Following team profiling and feedback from Psychonnaissance, team members can expect to:

  • understand the value of their contributions
  • appreciate how others approach things differently
  • optimise a range of strengths across the team
  • find it easier to communicate, leading to improved problem solving and conflict resolution.
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Assessment Centres with Psychonnaissance

If you are looking to recruit new talent and select the candidate, get in touch with Psychonnaissance. We are seasoned professionals able to offer advice, design informative assessments and implement proven selection methods. From group scenarios to individual profiling, Psychonnaissance help you hire with confidence.

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