Development Centres.

Development Journey

Similar in design to an assessment centre, development centres provide participants with an opportunity to gain a deeper level of self-awareness and begin a personal development journey.

Psychonnaissance work with you to design a development centre experience that inspires and challenges individuals through activities that ultimately stimulate and motivate self-improvement. From start to finish, our expert team are on hand for advice, project management, and professional feedback.

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Recognise and Nurture Talent

Development centres are often implemented for those in leadership and management positions, providing the chance to reflect on management methods, problem solving and feedback processes. Through considered exercises such as teamworking situations, one-to-one interviews and role play scenarios, individuals reveal both strengths and areas for development.

Constant constructive feedback and coaching from professional Psychonnaissance team members ensures individuals get valuable advice and reinforcement from the development centre. Our experts provide reports and one-to-one feedback sessions with tailored recommendations, highlighted strengths, and development pathways to promote future growth for participants.

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Development Centres with Psychonnaissance

With great experience in organising, designing and managing both assessment and development centres, our expert team at Psychonnaissance deliver effective and influential experiences for employee development. We offer professional advice or total project management from centre conception to post-centre reporting.

Following a development centre, Psychonnaissance will provide a summary report for participants, one-to-one feedback sessions to discuss performance and possible development as well as a team report. The team report and briefing on overall findings and key implications is put together by Psychonnaissance to provide employers and HR with a comprehensive understanding of outcomes and future steps.

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Psychonnaissance is based in the South-West, but with easy access to all the major cities via Bristol airport and the national rail network, we regularly work with clients up and down the UK.

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