Performance Coaching.

How Does Performance Coaching Work?

Performance coaching strikes a balance between professional goals and personal development, helping individuals overcome issues, develop skills, and better their overall performance. Partnering increased self-awareness with the consistent feedback and coaching from a Psychonnaissance professional, individuals can manifest positive change with successful career implications.

A strong coaching relationship is usually built upon finding the right chemistry between the coachee and the coach. Psychonnaissance coaches each have their particular interests which influence their approach and we offer at least two coaches from which a potential coachee could choose before deciding who he/she would like to work with.

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Psychonnaissance Performance Coaching Expertise

Our team of coaches have particular expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and multi-disciplinary approaches to coaching, addressing issues in the following areas:

  • Identification of leadership strengths and potential
  • Developing resilience and identifying coping strategies
  • Enhancing communication skills and specifically the capacity to be influential
  • Understanding interpersonal needs and building effective relationships

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Psychonnaissance is based in the South-West, but with easy access to all the major cities via Bristol airport and the national rail network, we regularly work with clients up and down the UK.

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