Psychometric tools.

Psychometric tools provide an in-depth view of how an individual thinks, feels and behaves. Cost effective and invaluable to gaining initial, time-saving insights, psychometrics are beneficial to candidate assessment and development.

Psychometric Tools and Assessment

Psychometrics facilitate candidate assessment by creating a personality profile, from which a best-match role and position can be found. Candidates displaying certain traits or tendencies may be suited to particular environments. By matching candidates to roles, candidates are more likely to be motivated, involved, and productive.

Personality psychometric tools, such as the Hogan Suite or NEO, measure behaviour traits of an individual, from which strengths and potential can be assessed. Psychometric tools predict leadership capabilities, interpersonal relationships, and reactions to stressful situations. Utilising these psychometric tools is crucial in the understanding of candidates and their conceivable impact within a company.

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What psychometric tools do we use?

Psychonnaissance have expertise in a variety of reputable tools, specialising in the Hogan Suite (HPI, HDS, and MVPI), NEO PI-R and Wave. Other psychometric tools we use include MBTI, FIRO-B, 16PF, TKI, Able, Saville, LJI, and OPQ.

We deliver a comprehensive psychometric service, implementing a range of proven diagnostic measures, specifically chosen for their accuracy and validity.

Through partnering psychometric insights with additional assessment tools, Psychonnaissance assess individuals’ traits and potential, finding ideal candidates for you.

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