What does MBTI stand for?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is a psychometric tool suited to individual development. Researched and developed for over 70 years, the MBTI assessment is a proven and robust personality measure, praised for productivity improvements and enhancing team dynamics.


Why is the MBTI assessment suited to development?

Because the MBTI is based on type, rather than trait, theory and therefore generalised, it is less suited to candidate recruitment.

Other psychometric tools such as Hogan, NEO and Wave have strong predictive validity and are well suited for use with other assessment tools for hiring or promotions. Conversely, MBTI is a reflective exercise to increase self-awareness. Through heightening awareness of individuals’ personalities, productivity and interpersonal relationships can improve, built on a stronger foundation of understanding.

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MBTI Personality Preferences

Personality preferences indicate an individual’s belonging to one of 16 MBTI personality types. These distinct personality types all have their own unique traits and strengths, an understanding of which may enhance professional and personal relationships.

The four areas in which preferences are shown, and the opposite preferences for each, are:

Focus of attention – extraversion vs introversion
Information input – sensing vs intuition
Decision making – thinking vs feeling
Lifestyle – judging vs perceiving

By highlighting what an individual brings to a team, efforts can be streamlined to maximise productivity, better communication and improve relationships.

MBTI and Leadership

Individuals in leadership positions can benefit from completing the MBTI assessment and gaining a deeper understanding of how they may be perceived by colleagues and stakeholders. Through improving self-awareness and acting on personality results, those in leadership positions can reflect on management styles and feedback methods.
Although the MBTI assessment is usually used for development purposes in a reflective exercise, it can work alongside assessment psychometric tools to supplement personality profiling of candidates to assess team fit. This in turn may result in better position and workplace culture matching to the candidate.

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