Wave (Saville).

What is Wave?

Developed by Saville Assessment, a leading talent assessment company, Wave is a psychometric questionnaire specific to business, designed to aid employers in hiring, building, and leading their talent. Through evaluating an individual’s likely work performance, competencies, preferred culture and potential, Wave assessment results influence the nature of roles and possible advancement of candidates.

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What is the Five Factor Model of Personality?

Candidates are instructed to rate statements on a scale of 1-9 of how strongly they agree with the statement. If two or more statements are answered the same, the candidate is presented with them again, except they now must choose whether the statement describes them most or least.
Wave is designed around four clusters; Thought, Influence, Adaptability, and Delivery. For each facet, of with there are 108, there are two accompanying questions, one for talent and one for motive. Talent questions directly label qualities and allow the individual to self-declare possession of that skill. Motive questions, however, are designed to assess the importance of that quality to the individual.

By gaining detailed information about an individual’s personality aspects and subsequent workplace tendencies, such as effective teamwork and leadership capabilities, employers can make informed recruitment decisions.
Additional to the Wave assessment, Saville also supply an aptitude test series, suitable for senior appointments. Due to the many demands of senior roles and increased responsibility, aptitude tests provide reassurance and validation of candidates’ cognitive ability to handle complexity.

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