Assessment Centres.

The Most Robust Form of Selection.

Assessment centres challenge candidates and examine their fit for role. Employers gain insights into candidates and their capabilities, personality, and engagement, ensuring appointments are made with confidence.

Our talented team of assessors at Psychonnaissance work with you, or on your behalf, to design and deliver effective assessment centres that reveal the ideal candidates for you. While we take care of the design, management and creating a professional environment, the assessors and candidates focus on the task at hand.

See first-hand how a candidate responds to challenges: whether you are looking for specific traits or skills, assessment centres allow for in-depth understanding of candidates, their personalities, and their potential as part of your workforce.

Assessment centre methodology provides a reliable assessment of candidates and their conceivable benefit within a workplace. Individual and group scenarios give a comprehensive view of candidates’ interpersonal and relationship management skills, highlighting specific traits and leadership potential. Advantageous for the candidate too, assessment centres provide individuals with the chance to showcase their skillset and unique abilities within a work environment.

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Assessment Centres with Psychonnaissance

If you are looking to recruit new talent and select the candidate, get in touch with Psychonnaissance. We are seasoned professionals able to offer advice, design informative assessments and implement proven selection methods. From group scenarios to individual profiling, Psychonnaissance help you hire with confidence.

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Psychonnaissance is based in the South-West, but with easy access to all the major cities via Bristol airport and the national rail network, we regularly work with clients up and down the UK.

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