Executive Profiling.

What is Executive Profiling?

Executive profiling identifies an individual’s core values through a deep dive into personality, behaviours, and cognitive capabilities, assessed through a variety of robust tools, methods, and assessment exercises. These tailored exercises, such as role play, psychometric tests, and interviews, are designed to gain insights across a variety of scenarios and external pressures. Once a comprehensive view of an individual is achieved, appointments or development programmes are implemented.

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How Does Executive Profiling Work?

Working with individuals provides an exclusive, tailored focus. We adapt the fundamentals of the development centre approach to work on a one-to-one basis, creating bespoke aims according to the position, role, and potential of the individual.

In-depth profiling is especially significant for senior appointments, where an individual’s personality, behaviour and capabilities are particularly prominent. Executive profiling takes the guesswork away by assessing and predicting behaviour in managerial positions in the workplace. Qualities such as stress management, interpersonal relationship management and leadership potential are crucial to such appointments and are explored in executive profiling.

We would work with you to determine the specific objective or objectives for the profiling, whether it is to accelerate development for an individual identified as having high potential, to prioritise development in response to a specific organisational challenge, or simply a general review of current and future potential for a key individual.

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