Bristol City Council

Supporting the recruitment of high calibre candidates


Psychonnaissance works alongside Bristol City Council, supporting the HR Business Partners and line managers to choose the best candidates to appoint to important roles.

Services We Provide:

  • Assessment Centre Design
  • Psychometric Testing (NEO and Hogan)
  • Candidate Feedback
  • Role Play Actors
  • Written Exercises
  • Staff, Stakeholder and Partner Engagement Exercise
  • Experienced Assessors

What We Do

We work flexibly and responsively to design assessment processes for shortlisted candidates. The mix of exercises varies according to the role, so each assessment centre is bespoke. Assessment centres combine activities such as role-plays with a professional actor, written exercises, panels involving stakeholders, young people and partners plus competency-based interviews. We have a team of experienced assessors who regularly work with Bristol City Council and understand the needs of individual departments.

Bristol City Council value the insights we offer through psychometric profiling – typically combining the NEO and Hogan personality questionnaires and occasionally aptitude testing – now opting to do this in advance of the assessment centre itself. The findings, gleaned through telephone feedback with candidates, informs and shapes the appointment in a robust decision-making process to ensure it is robust.

Psychonnaissance assessors support the line managers and HR Business Partners in evaluating the evidence objectively, offering insights and challenge where appropriate. We also regularly assist with providing candidates feedback, whether they have been appointed or not, in order to extract the most value from the time they have invested in participating in the selection process.


Bristol City Council gain instrumental results from assessment centres and use these findings to build a picture of a candidate’s fit, taking into account not to only professional experience, but also leadership style, motivation, attitude and values.

If satisfied with a candidate, their overall assessment and psychometric results, Bristol City Council appoint candidates to positions with confidence. The comprehensive assessment provides Bristol Citythe Council with a candidate profile of detailed insights and indications of fit to role.

Importantly, where question marks arise as a result of the assessment, Bristol City Council make an informed judgement about whether a candidate is deemed a good fit, identifying areas for development. or marking those not appointable. If candidates are deemed not appointablethe latter, the Council confidently make the decision to re-approach the market and source new candidatesapplicants.

Psychonnaissance has an ongoing relationship with Bristol City Council providing specialised recruitment and selection expertise regarding candidate assessment and continue to work closely with line managers and HR Business Partners to ensure the quality of appointments is maintained.